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About Flexstone Coatings

Flexstone Coatings are Canada's toughest sundeck membranes and have been quietly providing waterproofing solutions in Greater Vancouver for nearly 20 years. Originally designed for ski-resorts, the properties of the system were a perfect match for Canada's climate extremes.

The eco-friendly liquid-applied water catalyzed urethane was adopted in British Columbia as a way to solve many of the problems associated with the leaky condo crisis in the 1990s. With proven success in BC, Flexstone developed into Canada's premier waterproofing system for decks, garages, and flat roof decks.

Flexstone Coatings Deck Example

Flexstone Coatings Today

Today, Flexstone has full CCMC approvals for sundecks and flat-roofs and the urethane coatings are being distributed all across Canada for applications including decks, flat roofs, walkways, ship decks, and vehicle parkades.

Flexstone coatings retain their flexibility for decades, even in extreme heat or below-freezing temperatures. It’s waterproofing capabilities and gorgeous seamless finish options are second to none.

Due to Flexstone Coatings’ success in some of the harshest environments in North America, it’s the transition into the Canadian market just made sense. Flexstone and has since helped evolve the product to include more luxurious options as well as helped introduce the product to new markets such as flat-roofing, ship decking, and vehicular re-surfacing.

Flexstone Coatings Tomorrow

Waterproofing technology never sits still. Neither do we!

Flexstone is now being applied all across the country. But we’re not done there. We are currently still recruiting dealers in some markets that every Canadian has the option of having the world’s best coatings applied to their sundeck, garage floor, or roof.

There are still opportunities available for contractors to handle Flexstone in certain markets across Canada. If you have a sundeck, construction, roofing, or waterproofing company and are interested in adopting Flexstone Coatings, please contact us with any questions or navigate to our “Become a Flexstone Dealer” page to learn more.

We expect Flexstone Coatings to have a great year and eventually grow into the primary general waterproofing solution for Canadians.