Brampton Flat Roofing


There is an undeniable trend in North America regarding the materials used to waterproof building envelopes. Whether it is a sundeck with dilapidated vinyl, a brand new flat roof, an old torch-on roof, or a cracked and beaten-up concrete surface; liquid coatings are being used to rejuvenate, restore, and resurface a wide variety of surfaces.

Flexstone is the best liquid coating on the market. Its resilience in both heat and cold paired with its durability and inherent flexibility make it the most reliable waterproof membrane available. The best part, it can withstand harsh climates like Brampton and Toronto. As we know, Brampton has cold winters and warm summers.  There is a fair amount of snow and rain throughout the year as well. What this means is that building foundations will settle, causing cracks in concrete; sundecks will swell and compress as moisture levels in the air fluctuate, and the waterproof membranes on these may eventually split at the seams as a result.

Flexstone remains flexible and maintains an incredible bond to nearly any substrate. So for the good folks of Brampton, Ontario; Flexstone is the answer to your waterproofing concerns. It will never crack as a result of substrate movement, it will never fade from the sun, it will remain flexible even in freezing temperatures, and the surface can withstand all the salt, snow shovels, and foot traffic you can throw at it.

In addition to Flexstone’s resilience in climates like Brampton, Ontario, the membrane looks amazing. Our luxurious textured stone provides a stunning appearance without compromising quality. For more industrial or for a simpler appearance, we also offer a standard colour coat finish in 4 neutral shades. Even the most particular of Brampton’s customers will surely find a finish that suits their scheme and lasts a lifetime.

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