Calgary Deck and Roof Membranes


Flexstone Coatings have been available in Calgary for a few years and have blown onto the waterproofing scene like the urethane version of Johnny Hockey. More reliable than Mark Giordano, Flexstone is tough enough to withstand the harshest winter conditions Cow town can throw its way.

Flexstone is a thick liquid urethane membrane that remains flexible for the lifespan of your deck. It is applied with a notched trowel or gauge rake, so you know you’re getting a thick coat every time. Atop of the base goes a stunning blend of acrylic chips followed by an aliphatic clear coat which creates a semi-glossy luxurious finish that doesn’t fade or crack over time.

Flexstone is proud to support our dealers in the Calgary area. We will be happy to pass on any quote requests to our qualified Calgary representatives. We have the utmost confidence in our dealers and our product.

So whether you have a flat roof, sundeck, walkway, vehicle parkades, or even concrete pads; Flexstone is the answer. Flexstone was developed for the worst weather conditions possible. The product has been used on animal cages, ship decks, and ski-hill decks; so a residential sundeck or flat roof is no challenge for Flexstone Coatings.