1 year and several months later, and Flexstone has finally completed the rigorous testing and tedious paperwork necessary to achieve full CCMC approvals for applications on flat roofs and sundecks. Flexstone is officially an approved roof system.

So, what is CCMC and why do these approvals matter?

CCMC stands for the Canadian Construction Materials Center. The organization, based out of Ottawa, decides what materials are allowed to be used on construction projects across Canada. Their initiative is to ensure that Canadians are protected from poor building materials and false claims of quality.

roofdeck2 3These approvals are important because, although the folks at Flexstone knew that the product was amazing, the Canadian Government did not. Thus, Flexstone was limited to applications in restorative work or when a site engineer personally approved it’s use.

Now that it has passed the necessary tests and has been granted “approved” status, those engineer approvals and limited applications are no longer necessary.

Wait a second, what kind of testing are you talking about?

Great question! In order to be granted approved status as a waterproof membrane, a product must pass a series of rigorous tests set in place for roofing materials. The tests include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Puncture test: Which ensures that the approved roof can not be easily pierced
  • Tensile test: The product is measured, stretched, and remeasured to ensure that it’s flexibility will not permanently warp the coating.
  • Fire test: We can’t have flammable products on decks or roofs, now can we? The product is exposed to heavy flammability tests to ensure that it will help suppress a fire, not feed it.
  • Absorption test: The product sample is weighed then kept underwater for an extended period of time. The product sample is then removed and re-weighed to ensure that it will not absorb water.
  • Accelerated weathering test: The approved roof has all it’s flexibility, absorption, tensile, and puncture resistance qualities tested and is then placed under a powerful UV lamp for 6 months. The half-year under the lamp emulates a period of 7 years in typical Canadian conditions. The product is re-tested afterwards to ensure that it will not break-down over time.

See the full test results HERE

Flexstone passed all of the tests it was submitted to with flying colours and is officially one of an elite list of approved roof membranes.

Don’t believe us?… Check us out on CCMC’s website. Simply click on the link below and type “Flexstone” into the product box.

CCMC Approved Products List