Edmonton Waterproofing


Not since Chris Pronger donned the blue and orange has Edmonton seen the kind of protection that Flexstone provides. The difference being (besides comparing a waterproof coating to a hockey player), Flexstone will last decades in Edmonton. Waterproofing has seen some problems in places like Edmonton due to the perpetual freezing and thawing of the membranes and substrates.

If only there was a product durable and flexible enough to resist cracking with shifts in building foundations, decks, and roofs. Well, finally there is a solution to these recurring issues. Flexstone was composed for exactly these reasons. Cold climates have a way of¬†cutting the lifespan of waterproof membranes down significantly. With our coatings, even 20 years’ worth of Edmonton winters can’t damage it. Think about that… Snow shovels, road salt, boot traffic, vehicle traffic, and of course the freezing and thawing thing.

While other membranes, frozen climates will cause products to crack with any sort of movement. Flexstone stays flexible and moves with your surface. On top of that, Flexstone is also fully CCMC approved for applications over living space (this includes flat roofs, sundecks, vehicle parkades, walkways, pool decks, and more). This means that our product was submitted to a wide range of fierce testing to ensure that it is tough enough to handle a Canadian winter.

On top of all the aforementioned benefits, specific to Edmonton, the finish options offered for Flexstone are stunning and luxurious. The textured stone appearance mimics exposed aggregate without the inherent problems associated with it (ie. cracking).

So for your next flat-roofing or deck waterproofing project, consider Flexstone. Our Edmonton dealers are fully qualified and do fantastic work. Contact us for referrals to our representatives in Alberta.