Flexstone is Perfect for Surrey Decks


Surrey, one of Canada’s fastest-growing communities, is one of the rainiest climates in Canada. Flexstone has been successfully waterproofing surrey decks for the past 20 years, with no product failures to date. Fast forward to today and we boast some of the most reputable Flexstone dealers in Canada actively serving the Surrey and Fraser Valley region.

Because Flexstone’s headquarters is based in Vancouver, we fully understand what the weather conditions are in Surrey, and we understand what waterproofing methods are most effective in these conditions. Flexstone is the most logical and durable solution on the market. The stunning seamless finishes will never allow water to penetrate it; regardless of how heavy the rain hammers down.

Surrey is one of the most progressive cities in Canada with regard to sustainability and eco-friendliness. LEED building standards have become the norm and the environment has become a priority. Unfortunately, up until recently, the only approved membrane for flat roofing was torch-on SBS. Torch-on is flame applied, which releases harmful toxins into the air. In addition to this, the application process requires an open flame which dramatically increases fire risks. Because of these risks, the insurance costs associated with this type of membrane are exorbitant – these costs are relayed to the building owner.

Flexstone is water-catalyzed and cold applied. So there is no risk of fire and no harmful gases escaping into the atmosphere. What makes Flexstone even more eco-friendly is that it is applied directly over most other surfaces (including torch-on, vinyl, and fibreglass). This keeps roofing and decking debris out of our landfills. Because our product has an indefinite lifespan, it will often outlast the building it is applied to.

So if you have a Surrey deck, flat roof, residential sundeck, commercial deck, concrete walkway, pool surround, or any other horizontal surface in need of waterproofing; consider Flexstone.

Ask us about our local dealers and one of our reps will be happy to direct you to the nearest dealer.