Flexstone Vehicular Surfacing System

Flexstone is proud to announce the Tuff vehicular system for concrete vehicle parkades. The competitively priced system is composed of our low solvent #3 Epoxy Primer, a fast-applied urethane base coat, an aromatic colour coat topped with aggregate for slip-resistance, and our uv-stable and incredibly durable aliphatic finish coat.

Each component can be spread quickly and easily¬†which helps to keep labour costs low. In addition to the speed of application, the system is competitively priced and is backed by the sterling reputation of Tufflex Polymers / Flexstone Coatings – the manufacturers of the world’s toughest waterproof coatings.

Flexstone, despite being one of the most durable membranes on the market, has traditionally been priced out of the parkade industry by cheaper options and inferior products. With the new Flexstone vehicular system, dealers are able to supply and install a superior membrane within the price range to compete with other products.

With better adhesion, superior tensile strength, simple application processes, high chemical resistance and the ability to withstand heavy traffic in extreme temperatures – Flexstone’s Tuff Vehicular system is the future of parkade resurfacing.