Flexstone Now Available in Halifax


Heavy rains and thick fog, months of freezing weather, and the harsh beatings taken from snow shovels and salt… Does that describe the doom and gloom of a Halifax winter? Although we, here at Flexstone, are on opposite ends of Canada, the weather shares a lot of similarities. Now, imagine the toll these climates take on your waterproof coatings?

Here in Vancouver, we suffered through a crisis in the 1990’s fittingly coined as “The Leaky Condo Crisis” in which waterproofing methods designed for more temperate climates were specified for our wet weather. The result was disastrous. Thousands of condos and townhomes sprung leaks shortly after being constructed and hundreds of
millions of dollars were spent on restorative work.

This was the time that Flexstone first arrived on the scene, like a waterproofing superhero, finally there was a durable solution to poor vinyl decking and faulty flat roof membranes. These days, now that the our first local jobs are reaching the 20 year mark (and still looking fantastic), we are expanding across Canada; all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Flexstone is a cold applied liquid urethane coating. It is trowel applied to attain a thick and rugged seal that retains its flexibility for decades. The product can be floated over old membranes like vinyl, fiberglass, and even torch-on roofing and is topped off with the customer’s choice of a luxurious textured stone finish or a rugged standard colour coat finish; both of which provide 100% UV stability and a great looking finish.

Despite the inherent abuses waterproofing membranes take in climates such as Halifax or Vancouver, Flexstone will persevere. How do you figure? You ask. Well, Flexstone was designed for ski hill decks and roofs originally. Also, it has been used, tested, and proven on industrial applications like industrial flooring, vehicle parkades, and flat roofs; so use on a residential application borders on overkill.

We are currently looking to recruit Flexstone Dealers in the Halifax area. If you are interested in having your sundeck coated in the area, please contact us or refer us to your contractor or handyman so we can train him and supply our incredible product to them.