Ottawa Waterproofing, Gatineau Waterproofing


As we know, the winters in and around our nation’s capital of Ottawa and nearby Gagineay are cold and unforgiving. A price to pay to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Because of those months of cold weather, a lot of waterproofing membranes fail to deliver long life. The freezing and thawing of wooden and concrete decks cause swelling and cracks which often causes the membrane atop to lose adhesion or crack with the substrate.

Flexstone is a premium waterproofing product that remains flexible and shockingly durable even in fierce Canadian winters. The water-catalyzed urethane was originally formulated for use on ski resorts; a notorious killer of membranes like vinyl and fibreglass. There was a huge demand for those types of decking applications for a product that could withstand the beating of frozen temperatures and clunky ski and snowboard boots. Alas, Flexstone came to the rescue, becoming the go-to membrane on mountains across the US.

It delivers unrivalled success under the harsh conditions mentioned before making Flexstone an excellent solution to waterproofing problems in Canadian climates. Now officially approved by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center) out of Ottawa, Flexstone can be applied as a deck membrane, flat roof coating, vehicle traffic areas, pool surrounds and more.

Flexstone is proud to work closely with qualified dealers in the Gatineau / Ottawa area. Our dealers are highly skilled, and talented, and are happy to work with clients in the region to help solve waterproofing issues and provide stunning surfacing to their customers.

For more information on our product or to get in touch with our representatives in Gatineau, please call us directly or contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and point you in the direction of one of our outstanding and reliable Flexstone dealers.