Winnipeg Deck Waterproofing


Flexstone, also known as the Dustin Byfuglien of Winnipeg deck waterproof coatings, is the toughest and longest-lasting membrane on the market. Developed with cold weather resistance in mind, Flexstone is far and above the best waterproof coating for Winnipeg winters.

Flexstone is applied in 2 – 4 layers (depending on finish-type) and is always protected with a thick, impenetrable water catalyzed urethane base coat. This is the secret to Flexstone’s success in freezing temperatures like you’d see in Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba. The base-coat remains flexible for the lifetime of your deck and the protective top coat systems provide full UV stability and the same flexibility as your base, so you end up with an incredibly durable monolithic membrane that bonds to substrates better than any other liquid coating on today’s market.

Waterproofing jobs in climates like Winnipeg need to be addressed carefully. Homeowners must be weary of cheap materials designed for warmer climates. With the beating these surfaces take at the hands of Jack Frost, traditional methods such as vinyl, torch-on, and fiberglass simply do not have the longevity needed to deliver reliable protection for long periods of time.

Flexstone is fully CCMC approved for use on Sundecks, Flat Roofs, and concrete. This means that the product can be legally applied to roofs and decks without any hassles from building inspectors or engineers. In addition to this, Flexstone, as I mentioned earlier, was composed specifically for cold weather and will last indefinitely.

Here’s some proof. Flexstone offers a 10 year warranty (5 + 5 upon inspection) on all of their products, regardless of application or location. So if the product fails, you are covered. In addition to this, most qualified Flexstone applicators, who know the strength and longevity our product delivers, will offer an addition warranty on their workmanship to ensure that both ends of the application process (product + labour) are covered. We aren’t just about protecting your building or deck from leakage, we are also about protecting our valued customers from shoddy products and sneaky contractors.

So if you’re in Winnipeg and looking for some waterproofing, consider the abuse your surface will take throughout multiple winter seasons. Then remember: “Hey, doesn’t Flexstone have some pretty spectacular winterproofing qualities?”… Yes. Yes it does.

Make the safe decision and work with Flexstone.

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