Greater Vancouver Loves Flexstone


During the 1990’s in Vancouver, BC, there was a waterproofing crisis in new construction buildings (primarily multi-family). Due to failures of envelope waterproofing, billions of dollars in damage and repairs were incurred by owners and the provincial and municipal governments. The faults were a result of incorrect product specifications for British Columbia’s rain forest climate.

vancouverThis enormous fiasco in the building industry led to a demand for superior waterproofing products designed for our wet and humid climate. Products used in Arizona are not necessarily designed for Vancouver weather. It was this demand that originally brought Flexstone to Canada.

At the time of the leaky condo crisis, Flexstone was a niche product, designed for applications on ski-resort decks, ship decks, vehicle parkades, and heavy industrial waterproofing. Drytech Construction adopted the product because of it’s ability to withstand harsher conditions than we would see in this climate because they understood that it was not worth taking chances when waterproofing a person’s home.

18 years later and Flexstone is now one of the most widely used sundeck membranes in the Greater Vancouver region. It has been proven time and time again as the ideal solution to leaky sundecks. Over the years, the product’s appearance was tweaked to provide a series of luxurious finish options without compromising quality and without breaking the bank like deck boards or tiles.

The seamless urethane base-coat provides any surface with a thick, seamless, flexible, and incredibly strong uniform waterproof membrane. From there, the finish coat(s) provide an attractive finish, traffic resistance, and uv stability. The outstanding finish coats offered by Flexstone do not crack or fade over time and are designed to bond to the base coat and flex with it. This provides a stunning, functional, and uniform flexibility not found in any other product.

Because Flexstone was tested under the harshest environments in North America, use on a sundeck or flat roof leave no concerns and no chance of leakage. In addition to this, the product can be laid atop of existing membranes like vinyl, torch-on sbs, and fiberglass; making it an eco-friendly alternative to tearing off the existing waterproofing system.

Flexstone lasts a lifetime and finishes are interchangeable. So, put simply, once a Flexstone surface is applied, it stays functional for the lifetime of your home.