Introducing: The Equestrian System by Tufflex / Flexstone

Of every flooring or decking application, the ones that take the most abuse are those involving animals… especially big ones. Long lasting membranes in large animal enclosures is nothing new for Tufflex/Flexstone – as the membrane has been used in zoos all across North America. The systems have been installed on everything from elephant enclosures, dog pounds, and tiger cages. It only makes sense that we would develop a system for stables.

The equestrian system is similar to our standard colour coat system (System S). It is composed of a base coat and UV stable colour coat. The equestrian system; however, involves the addition of powdered or shredded rubber into the unique base coat to help build up thickness and provide some degree of cushion for the hooves. The base coat is installed twice as thick as our standard system and totals approximately 1/8″. The base coat is then coated with a UV stable aliphatic colour coat that is formulated to handle the heavy hoof-traffic.

The highly specialized system is now available across Canada. Please feel free to contact Flexstone Coatings to learn more about this new and exciting system.