Liquid Coatings in Hamilton, Ontario


Amid the blizzards of the tail end of the winter of 2015, it seems fitting that we introduce Flexstone Coatings to Hamilton. It is no secret that below-freezing temperatures, piles of snow, and the perpetual freezing and thawing of building substrates will take a heck of a toll on a sundeck or flat roof. This is because most products are designed for use in more temperate climates than we see in Canada.

hamiltonFlexstone premium liquid coatings provide a sound, reliable layer of impenetrable protection that lasts a lifetime – regardless of where in Canada you are (yes, that includes Hamilton too). While the lion’s share of the waterproofing market has traditionally¬†belonged to products that are rolled out like carpet and either glued or torched down; Flexstone is making waves as the only liquid coating in Canada with full CCMC approvals.

Our coatings are superior to traditional waterproofing methods like torch-on and vinyl decking for several reasons. First of all, when the product is applied it forms a bond with substrates like plywood or concrete that can’t be matched by any other method. The water catalyzed urethane can even be applied directly over top of old membranes or coatings. In addition to this, Flexstone is thicker than any other liquid coatings and is entirely seamless, which eliminates the most common leak problems encountered by our seam-heavy competition.

Hamilton also stands to benefit from Flexstone’s incredible winterproofing qualities. Originally devised for decking and roofing on ski hill resorts (because no other product could last any longer than a couple of years in those conditions) Flexstone can stand tall against the perils of winter. It also boasts 100% UV stability, so your finish will always look fresh and new with no concerns of cracking or leakage. Our textured stone finish is sure to turn heads and

Flexstone is versatile enough to solve almost all your surface waterproofing needs. It is approved in Canada for applications on flat roofs as opposed to the very dangerous flame applied “torch-on” system. It is also approved for sundecks, for which the lifespan of the product will surely outlive the deck.

So if you’re in need of waterproofing and you’re in and around the Hamilton, Ontario area, please¬†contact us¬†so that we can get you in touch with one of our qualified dealers in the region.