What are the things customers want when it comes to a sun deck or patio in London, Ontario? Well, first and foremost you probably want durability. Durability, as we have learned being in the waterproofing business for over 20 years, is relative to location. What is durable in California may not be able to stand up to freezing temperatures like we would experience in London. Fortunately, Flexstone excels in cold climates (hence why it’s used on ski-resort decks all across North America).

Okay, so we’ve covered durability… What’s next? Appearance, perhaps? Most sundecks are comprised of one of the following: vinyl, which has unsightly seams throughout that are melted londontogether; deck boards, which cost a fortune and require a membrane beneath them; tiles, which are also very expensive and require a membrane beneath; or a liquid-applied urethane, most of which are thin and wear easily. Fortunately, Flexstone (which is also a urethane) is solvent free and significantly thicker than any other urethane on the market. It also looks fantastic and boasts a series of outstanding textured stone finishes that are sure to impress.

What else do you look for in a sundeck? How about easy maintenance? Decks in London, Ontario see a fair bit of snow over the course of a year. This means snow shovels and salts take a toll on your surface. If you have deck boards, they need to be re-stained, if you have tiles, the grout wears out quickly, and if you have vinyl… well, vinyl can’t handle too much of that kind of a beating as many Londoners have discovered for themselves.

Flexstone is incredibly easy to maintain. If it looks dirty, just scrub it down with soap or simply pressure wash it. And all that talk about snow shovels; well, you don’t need to worry about that as the decks we have done at ski-hills have lasted 20 years with shovels scraping the surface almost daily in the winter months.

Let’s talk about our feet now, Flexstone has a great texture that provides slip resistance and stays relatively cool in summertime (doesn’t burn your feet like vinyl does!). And even for you folks that are partial to the wooden deck board systems, Flexstone can be applied as your waterproof coating beneath them in place of torch-on, which runs the risks of house-fires, is expensive, and looks like exactly what it is: a roof membrane.

Finally, Flexstone is fully CCMC approved for use on decks and flat roofs across Canada (yes, that includes you, London!). So don’t let your contractors tell you that your only approved options are torch-on or vinyl, because we are proudly the new kids on the block.

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