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Winnipeg Deck Waterproofing

EVEN THE MENACING PRAIRIE WINTERS OF WINNIPEG CAN’T WRECK FLEXSTONE Flexstone, also known as the Dustin Byfuglien of Winnipeg deck waterproof coatings, is the toughest and longest-lasting membrane on the market. Developed with cold weather resistance in mind, Flexstone is far and above the best waterproof coating for Winnipeg winters. Flexstone is applied in 2 – 4 layers (depending on

Roof and Deck Coatings for Mississauga

HOW DOES FLEXSTONE PERFORM IN MISSISSAUGA AND GREATER TORONTO? Before we delve into the benefits of Flexstone in a climate like Mississauga’s, I want to address how Flexstone performs in general. Whether you’re in rain-soaked Vancouver, blistering hot Phoenix, or icy cold White Horse; Flexstone will last decades… easily. Flexstone’s incredible water-catalyzed urethane was originally formulated by some brilliant chemists

Greater Vancouver Loves Flexstone

FLEXSTONE MADE IT’S FIRST APPEARANCE IN CANADA ON SUNDECKS IN VANCOUVER During the 1990’s in Vancouver, BC, there was a waterproofing crisis in new construction buildings (primarily multi-family). Due to failures of envelope waterproofing, billions of dollars in damage and repairs were incurred by owners and the provincial and municipal governments. The faults were a result of incorrect product specifications

Saskatoon Winters Can’t Touch Flexstone

EVEN THE HARSH WINTERS OF SASKATOON CAN’T HARM FLEXSTONE Flexstone premium liquid urethane coatings are available across the Saskatoon region. Our water catalyzed membrane is designed to stand up against below-freezing temperatures and heavy traffic. So even when you’re shoveling snow off your brand-new Flexstone sundeck; you need not worry about damaging the surface. Saskatoon has traditionally been a difficult market

Ottawa Waterproofing, Gatineau Waterproofing

OTTAWA WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS As we know, the winters in and around our nation’s capital of Ottawa and nearby Gagineay are cold and unforgiving. A price to pay to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Because of those months of cold weather, a lot of waterproofing membranes fail to deliver long life. The freezing and thawing of wooden

Edmonton Waterproofing

A SOLUTION TO FAULTY WATERPROOFING IN EDMONTON Not since Chris Pronger donned the blue and orange has Edmonton seen the kind of protection that Flexstone provides. The difference being (besides comparing a waterproof coating to a hockey player), Flexstone will last decades in Edmonton. Waterproofing has seen some problems in places like Edmonton due to the perpetual freezing and thawing
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Calgary Deck and Roof Membranes

CALGARY’S ANSWER TO ROOF AND DECK WATERPROOFING Flexstone Coatings have been available in Calgary for a few years and have blown onto the waterproofing scene like the urethane version of Johnny Hockey. More reliable than Mark Giordano, Flexstone is tough enough to withstand the harshest winter conditions Cow town can throw its way. Flexstone is a thick liquid urethane membrane
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Green Roofing: Torch-On vs Flexstone

Green Roofing offers an amazing eco-friendly solution for a non-slope roofing surface. Learn how Flexstone compares to Torch-On.

Montreal Decking & Roofing

WATERPROOF MEMBRANES FOR MONTREAL WINTERS The beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec boasts some of the most beautiful spots in Canada and some of the friendliest people around. It is a bustling European style city throughout the summer months and a gorgeous winter wonderland for the rest of the year. But amid the stunning snow-capped roofs and frozen ponds lies a problem.

Toronto Roofs & Sundecks

Flexstone: Tough Enough For Toronto Flexstone premium liquid coatings are ideal for Toronto’s winter season. When summer flees and winter rolls in, Flexstone will still be there quietly doing its job. Whether it’s a flat roof, a sundeck, a traffic coating, or a concrete walkway, Flexstone can handle Toronto’s brutal winter months. Because Flexstone was designed with below-freezing temperatures in


CCMC APPROVED ROOF SYSTEM OVERVIEW 1 year and several months later, and Flexstone has finally completed the rigorous testing and tedious paperwork necessary to achieve full CCMC approvals for applications on flat roofs and sundecks. Flexstone is officially an approved roof system. So, what is CCMC and why do these approvals matter? CCMC stands for the Canadian Construction Materials Center.