10 Tips for Applying Flexstone Base Coat in Summer

Remember – The hotter the surface and weather – the faster the Flexstone Base mixture sets up & thickens
* Start early or work late when the surface is hot and have a white tarp to cover areas to keep out of the sun.

1 – It’s a good idea to start with seam taping, drip flashings and up walls – feather the Base out where you stop.

(This allows you to move quickly over the large areas and not worry about slower detail work)

2 – Prior to a job store 5 gal Flexstone Base pails in a cool place – keep in a cool place once they are on the job as well.

3 – At the start of the job full Flexstone Base pails should be stirred as thicker polymers can settle – put on lids and keep cool.

4 – In hot weather, a block of ice in mixing water gives you more time working with the base. Add water and mix for 3 mins.
Pour and trowel immediately – the mixing person can scrape out the leftover base in a pail and set it upside down in the next area.

5 – Add 1 part water to 4 parts base (not more than 1:4) Flexstone Base rejects excess and it also speeds up the set-up time.

When excess water is not absorbed into Tuff Base bubbles may even occur in hot or warm weather.
(For damp/moist plywood, cut back a bit on the water – use a 1 to 5 mix which tricks the base into wanting more water)

6 – When spreading Base use a 3/8” V-notch Trowel angling down as much as you can move through the mixture quickly.
As you run out of Base feather outside edges – use flat trowel edge again to push new mix over old (don’t touch old)

7 – Coverage = 30 sq ft from each mixed gal of base – Start with 1 gal angling 3/8” V-trowel down so you cover 30 sq ft.

*Do not add water to the next mixture until the applicator has finished spreading the previous batch – water is the catalyst!

8 – Avoid mixing more than 2 gals of Base at a time, especially in HOT weather – set up can start within 10 mins.

If you work fast enough using a V-notch 3/8” squeegee or in colder weather, you could mix half pails at a time.

9 – Have at least 3 pails, 1 for water 2 for mixing base into. Start with the first pail adding cold water and mix for 3 mins.
For fast measuring put a stick in an empty pail with notches cut up to 5 1/2” (=2 gals base) and to 7” (=2 quarts water).

10 – If you encounter a few trowel marks toward the end of a mix gently smooth them with the flat edge of your trowel.
Don’t play with the base while troweling as it will smooth or self level on its own. (playing works against you)