Mission & Approach

Canada's Toughest Sundeck Coating

The Flexstone Mission

For every Canadian Deck to be coated with Flexstone.

Flexstone’s mission is simple – provide a long-lasting luxurious coating that is incredibly tough, seamless, and safe to apply (no flames). We are proud to supply countless home and business owners with reliable solutions that last decades, are formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions and require little to no maintenance.

We are increasing the availability of Flexstone Coatings across Canada so every deck can be coated with the best material available. We are always improving our distribution channels by adding well established and trusted professional partners to our network across Canada.


There are still some areas that have little or no representation. We hope to address these regions to ensure that whether you’re in Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George, Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Windsor, Niagara, Hamilton, Quebec, Montreal, Halifax, or St.Johns; Flexstone is a decking option that’s available to you.

Fortunately, Flexstone is fully CCMC approved, which means that our protective and eco-friendly material is approved for use on flat roofs and decks all across Canada.

Our Approach to Business

Honest, Educational, and Transparent

Flexstone Coatings Inc. values an honest, educational, and transparent approach to business. We understand that our customers’ satisfaction is the most important aspect of our success. As a result, we approach business relationships with the future at the forefront of our minds.

We aim to create, foster, and maintain long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with our dealers by providing them with consistent product quality, marketing support, leads, and technical support. In short, we provide our dealers with all the tools they need to be successful. In doing so, we work hard to ensure that our qualified Flexstone applicators represent our brand in a positive light by providing excellent service and expert workmanship.

In addition to supporting our dealers, when we encounter prospects, we understand that it is in both parties’ best interest to approach the relationship with education at the forefront of our objectives. We, proudly, have nothing to hide regarding our product and the benefits of handling it; so our business development is reflected in our educational approach to sales.

Our customers are always welcome to call us any time with questions or concerns and one of our trained experts will be happy to help. It is this customer-first mentality that has contributed to Flexstone flourishing across Canada.

It is refreshing to work with a company that values your business and will do whatever it takes to maintain a good working relationship.