Parkades & Miscellaneous

Heavy traffic & harsh weather.


Flexstone’s vehicular membrane system is the most versatile parkade coating on the market .
The rugged, flexible coatings are versatile, seamless, economical, thick and designed for all of Canada's climate zones and heavy traffic.
DurableDesigned, tested & approved for Canada's harshest climates
Leak ProofA multi-layered thick membrane that is 100% waterproof.
ResilientTough enough to withstand heavy vehicular traffic and harsh weather.
SeamlessAvailable in a variety of stunning seamless reflective finishes.

Unrivaled Versatility & Durability

Flexstone is an attractive and versatile industrial-strength urethane waterproof membrane.

Because Flexstone is designed to take heavy abuse, it becomes an outstanding solution for any parkade covering or resurfacing job.

Flexstone’s multi-layered rubberized membrane adheres to nearly any substrate including concrete, plywood, fiberglass, vinyl, urethane membranes, torch-on, and more. It is installed thick in multiple complimentary layers.

Flexstone's finish coats are available in four different colours but aren't just aesthetically pleasing, they have an important job to play. Our rugged finish coats provide a tough, but flexible, outer shell that keeps the underlying membrane safe from heavy traffic and UV damage.

Standard Finishes (System S)

Rocky Grey


Ash Brown

Sidewalk Grey

Monterey Sand

Flexstone System  E

Flexstone - System X - Waterproofing Diagram

Economical Vehicular Waterproofing System 55 Mils

2 Part Epoxy primer/sealer installed over concrete. 100% waterproof base coat rolled over primer. Aromatic colour coat rolled over with backrolled or broadcasted silica sand. Final coat is a rugged aliphatic colour coat.

  • Vehicle Parkades
  • Warehouse Flooring
  • Suspended Slabs


  • Flexstone Primer/Sealer
  • Flexstone Vehicular Base Coat
  • Flexstone Aromatic Colour Coat
  • Slip Resistant Aggregate
  • Flexstone Aliphatic Colour Coat

Learn more about Flexstone Coatings

Flexstones Deck coatings are the best alternative to traditional membranes on the market. It is easier to apply, longer-lasting and simply looks better!

Why Flexstone is Better

The many benefits of Flexstone systems

Energy EfficiencyFlexstone offers a variety of seamless finishes designed to provide industrial-strength protection from heavy vehicles.
Crafted with careFlexstone is formulated to handle dramatic temperature fluctuations and heavy traffic, making it an ideal solution for underground or roof-top parkades.
Long lastingFlexstone is rugged and long lasting, easily exceeding a decade with minimal maintenance required.
Easy to repairUnlike other membranes, if you damage your Flexstone membrane it is an easy fix. Simply sand, wipe and reapply the coating!
FlexibleEvery component of the Flexstone system is designed to flex together. So the inevitable movement and shifts of your concrete will not lead to cracking and leaks.
ReliableFlexstone boasts superior adhesion and industrial strength. We provide coating solutions as well as peace-of-mind.

First, the use of our primer/sealers prevents water ingress from above or within the concrete. This property also allows it to be applied over
existing coatings. Other urethanes can not do this and require a costly removal of the original membrane below. Secondly, the uv stability and
longevity of the system means that membrane removal and disposal is postponed for years and less material finds its way to our landfills.

Flexstone is Eco-Friendly