Garage Floors & Vehicle Solutions 

Protection under your classic, custom, or that new EV.

GARAGE FLOORING PRODUCTS That ARE SECOND TO NONE.Flexstone garage flooring system is the common-sense solution to worn-out tired looking garage and showroom floors. The next-gen polyaspartic coatings are incredibly tough and boast a variety of stunning textured finishes.
Unrivaled Versatility & Durability

Flexstone is an attractive and versatile industrial-strengthened membrane.

Because Flexstone Garage Coatings are designed to take some heavy abuse, they becomes an outstanding solution for nearly any flooring job. Whether it is a residential garage, a showroom, a vehicle parkade, retail floor or even a warehouse floor - Flexstone is the common-sense answer.

Flexstone’s three-ply heavy-duty membrane adheres to nearly any substrate

The finish options are not only aesthetically gorgeous, they are also incredibly durable. Our rugged mock-aggregate finishes provide a tough but flexible outer shell that protects your concrete from heavy traffic and UV damage.

Textured Stone Finishes (System X)

Mountain Granite


Badlands Tan


Hudson's Grey


Boreal Brown

Standard Finishes (System S)

Rocky Grey


Ash Brown

Sidewalk Grey

Monterey Sand

Flexstone System  Y

Flexstone - System Y - Waterproofing Diagram

Heavy traffic poly-aspartic Flooring System 65 Mils

2 part Epoxy primer/sealer installed over concrete. Aromatic colour coat rolled over - decorative acrylic chips broadcasted into wet colour coat. Final coat is a 2-part next-gen poly-aspartic clear coat.

  • Garage Floors
  • Commercial Flooring
  • Retail Flooring
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Exterior/Interior Walkways


  • Flexstone Primer/Sealer
  • Flexstone Aromatic Colour Coat
  • Decorative Acrylic Chips
  • Flexstone Poly-aspartic Clear Coat
Why Flexstone is Better

The many benefits of Flexstone systems

Flexstone, ‘Common-Sense’ for your Garage Floor

Flexstone offers a variety of common-sense solutions to your garage floor and/or basement floor issues. First, our solvent-free urethane base coat is
ideal for leveling areas and filling low or crumbling sections. The incredibly strong urethane base will bond permanently to the concrete and provide
a surface that is ready to be coated. Once level, Flexstone’s next-generation polyaspartic coatings are applied thick and seal down the decorative
acrylic flakes that leave you with a permanent low maintenance attractive floor that lasts a lifetime.