Canada’s first Single Component Polyaspartic Floor Coating

garageplanit3Flexstone has been offering 2-component Polyaspartic and Epoxy products for years. While they work well, there is a looming potential disaster that always exists – a moment of carelessness is all it takes to mix a Part A component with another Part A component. These cases; although rare, often end up costing contractors a fortune to remediate. Without the catalyst (Part B), the membrane will never cure and will need to be painstakingly removed from the surface and re-coated in it’s entirety… Pretty ugly scene.

In addition to this potential pitfall, the integration of a catalyst is a process that needs to be thorough, carefully measured, and timely in order to ensure the product performs as expected. This often means an extra laborer is required on-site for any Polyaspartic system installation. Lastly, when nearing the end of a project, there is almost always some excess material in the mixing pail that inevitably hardens and goes to waste.

Flexstone has managed to eloquently solve all of these problems with the FSC Apsartic, the first and only single-component Polyaspartic floor coating on the market.

The FSC Aspartic makes garage floor coating a fool-proof process. Simply crack open your pail (or can), mix it for a minute or two and roll it out. That’s it. No, really… That’s it. 

It boasts the same strength and durability of most high-end aspartics, but the ease and simplicity of the application process sets it apart. What was formerly a two-person job just became a one-person job, cutting labour costs in half. Furthermore, there is zero-waste. As soon as you slap the air-tight lid back onto the pail, the material will not cure.

So, with one innovate product solution we have eliminated waste, eliminated the possibility of mixing errors, and cut labour in half. Yet, there is still more. The FSC Aspartic is competitively priced and cures in 2 hours (48 hours for vehicular traffic) – this helps mitigate any dust, debris, bugs or other shrapnel from sticking to the surface during the drying period.

We are offering limited dealership of this product, so reach out to learn more. If you want to explore on your own, check out: