V-Notched Standing Trowel

Flexstone Coatings - V Notched Trowel

Flexstone Coatings are proud to announce the new Flexstone Standing trowel. The standing trowel is a heavy-duty locally fabricated stainless steel trowel with 3/8″ x 3/8″ V-Notches designed specifically to spread the Flexstone base coat at the ideal thickness. The trowel has a 45-degree bend where the handle-bracket attaches. The bend accomplishes 2 things – first, it contributes to the teeth of the trowel being angled properly on the surface so installers can hold the trowel at a comfortable height while standing. Secondly, having a bend in 16 GA steel makes the unit nearly impossible to warp or curl.

The Flexstone standing trowel is composed of polished stainless steel, therefore, the cured base coat can be peeled off of it so the trowel can be used indefinitely. We are offering the Flexstone standing trowel in a standard 16″ length as well as an extended 24″ version for bigger jobs.

Through utilizing the standing trowel, our valued Flexstone installers can save their backs and save their time.