Polyaspartics coatings have arrived – Flexcoat

Flexstone Coatings have earned the reputation as Canada’s toughest sundeck membrane. Our elastomeric and attractive seamless system is ideal for exterior waterproofing. It has also been adopted, thanks to it’s stunning finishes and durability, as a floor coating as well.

We have recently discovered that use on concrete floors has a few pitfalls. Primer is required to seal moisture below the surface to prevent blistering in the future. The cure time is 24 hours for each component, making it necessary to spend at least a couple days on one project. Some new performance tires can leave orange stains on the surface.

In order to combat these potential problems and provide our valued dealers and customers with a superior alternative, we have adopted FlexCoat – a line of premium polyaspartics by Tufflex (the same company that manufactures Flexstone).

FlexCoat represents the next generation of polyaspartics. While most polyaspartics can only be applied at a thickness of 4-6 mils per coat, FlexCoat can be applied as thick as 14 mils in a single coat, which means less site-visits. In addition to the thickness, the 2-part aspartic system fully cures within 2-4 hours, so applying a 20-40 mil surface can be easily achieved in a day.

FlexCoat aspartics advantages also include low odour (0 VOC), high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, fast cure time, and the ability to be applied over wood, concrete, and even metal.

The product is sold as a clear membrane; however tint packages are available for surfaces where a neutral colour is preferred.

Applications include: pharmaceutical floors, laboratories, food prep/kitchen areas, basements, garage floors, kennels, restrooms, veterinary facilities, manufacturing plants, locker rooms, aisle ways, health care facilities, auto showrooms, loading docks, schools, car wash facilities, and more.

We have always been proud to handle Canada’s toughest flexible coatings – and are now excited to move into the world of industrial and commercial flooring with one of the toughest and easiest to apply coatings available.

Please contact Flexstone for more information.