Quebec City’s Waterproofing Solutions

Quebec City’s Solution To Exterior Waterproofing Is Flexstone

Although there is a long list of reasons to live in beautiful Quebec City, but with those comes the unfortunate lifespan of most waterproofing materials in that climate. Sun deck and flat roof membranes like vinyl or torch-on are designed for more temperate conditions and often fail prematurely due to weather fluctuations.

With the freezing and thawing of buildings or decks, membranes with seams (like torch-on or vinyl) and other urethanes and epoxy based products have a tendency to crack or for seams to open up with this movement. The people at Drytech faced the same issues almost 20 years ago when they uncovered Flexstone; a product designed specifically for use on ski-resort decks and walkways.

Flexstone is an eco-friendly water catalyzed urethane (WCU) that was developed to hold up against the perils of Quebec’s winter seasons. Despite freezing, thawing, swelling of wood, heavy foot or vehicle traffic, and beatings at the hands of snow shovels and salt; Flexstone remains flexible, durable, and resilient. As a waterproofing membrane, Flexstone boasts industrial strength and flexibility while also offering a variety of stunning textured stone finishes that move with the natural movement of your substrate.

Flexstone coatings has been installed all across Canada and is gaining momentum now that it has proven success in climates similar to Quebec City’s. Our long lasting coatings look brand new for decades and come with a 10 year product warranty atop of any qualified applicator’s warranties.

Flexstone is not limited to deck membranes or flat roof membranes; however. The premium coatings are also used on vehicle parkades, walkways, pool surrounds, ship decks, and more.

So if you’re in Quebec and looking for a fresh new look for that outdoor patio space or simply need your flat or low-sloped roof to be watertight; contact us right away! We can help set you up with a dealer in your area.

If you are a contractor or work with a construction or waterproofing company, check out our “Become a Dealer” page for more information on opportunities to adopt Flexstone into your product catalogue.