Roof and Deck Coatings for Mississauga


Before we delve into the benefits of Flexstone in a climate like Mississauga’s, I want to address how Flexstone performs in general. Whether you’re in rain-soaked Vancouver, blistering hot Phoenix, or icy cold White Horse; Flexstone will last decades… easily.

mississaugaFlexstone’s incredible water-catalyzed urethane was originally formulated by some brilliant chemists in California searching for a solution to decking & waterproofing on ski resorts. Naturally, with heavy foot traffic (big ski-boots and poles), menacing cold, snow, ice, and in the summer time hot sun; membranes were unable to last longer than a few short years.

Flexstone was designed with not only the freezing and foot-traffic in mind, but also with general flexibility and uv stability as priorities. The product saw unprecedented success in those menacing conditions, which led to it’s growth in popularity as a general waterproofing membrane which happens to be ideal for a climate like Mississauga.

Mississauga and Toronto are faced with similar weather fluctuations seen on ski-resorts. Freezing snowy winters followed by some rainy seasons, and finally warm sunny summers. These types of climate changes are torture for most waterproofing membranes. In the winter the deck or roof is bombarded with snow, ice, salt, and snow shovels. In the wetter seasons they are often faced with heavy rain and standing water. In the summer, the membranes are exposed to direct sun which will often crack or fade competing products. Flexstone is UV stable and just simply refuses to crack or fade under pressure.

Finally, between all these seasons there are side effects. As the weather changes in places like Mississauga, concrete foundations shift slightly causing cracks and wooden decks will swell and shrink with moisture levels. This causes other membranes to crack on the surface or open up at seams. Flexstone is entirely seamless and retains it’s bond to the substrate and inherent flexibility for the lifetime of your deck or roof. This means that it moves with the natural movement of your building. As a result, the surface remains uniform and 100% waterproof.

So if you have a deck or flat roof in Mississauga that is either leaking or looking dilapidated as a result of the weather and traffic, consider Flexstone. Contact us today to find a dealer in the area.